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Below you'll find lots of links to use while you're researching. The links below are separated into different categories to help you find the best site to start. Good luck! Remember to always record and cite your sources (don't plagiarize!). There's even a bibliography helper for you!

Easy Bib
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Website NameCategoryNotes
Website NameCategoryNotes
Wikipedia Encyclopedia The world's largest online encyclopedia 
Gale Databases Encyclopedia All databases User name and password is 6010 
eCUIP Encyclopedia A Digital Library created for you 
Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia A wonderful, student-centered encyclopedia 
Fact Monster Facts A nice place to START your research and find other sources 
Wolphram|Alpha Facts Straight facts. Don't search questions, search keywords. 
WikiSource Language Arts Search an online library for sources 
Dictionary Language Arts Look up definitions or synonyms 
WebMath Math Solve your math problems 
Wolphram|Alpha Math Try putting in a math equation 
Sweet Search Other A search engine where every link has been tested 
Google Art Project Other Browse art collections from famous museums around the world 
Citation Machine Other Create a Works Cited or Bibliography page easily 
Teen Health and Wellness Science Find answers to your teenage questions 
Eyes on the Solar System Science Explore our Solar System! 
ARKive Science Facts, photos, and information about life on Earth 
Dynamic Periodic Table of Elements Science Research different elements on an Interactive Periodic Table 
Maps 101 Social Studies Find maps of all types (user name and password is 6010) 
Library of Congress Social Studies Find Primary Sources from the 151 million items in the Library 
Encyclopedia of Chicago Social Studies Tons of articles, photos, and maps about Chicago 
CIA World Factbook Social Studies Information about the history, people, and government of each country in the world 
Showing 21 items