About John Spry Community School

John Spry Community School is located in the heart of the Little Village community of Pilsen facing Marshall Boulevard. A community school comprised of Pre-K through High School students, Spry is located within a bilingual community in close proximity to the major commercial strip at 26th street, which takes great effort in fostering pride in the language and culture of our students. The student population is estimated at 1000. The heavily populated neighborhood is characterized by large families who are dedicated and committed to expanding their economic and educational opportunities with a strong emphasis on hard work. The interaction of community resources and the school is a priority.

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Our Mission

Our mission at John Spry Community School is to provide a quality learning experience, integrating bilingual education, the Fine and Performing Arts and technology while nurturing the whole child in a global community.

Our Vision

John Spry Community School empowers students of all abilities to achieve their potential, becoming lifelong learners and compassionate, respectful citizens who contribute to positive change within their local community and global society.