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Attendance Intervention Timeline

You can download the Attendance Intervention Timeline HERE.

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Seven Things Parents NEED to know about ATTENDANCE & TRUANCY

1. A parental reminder: Students may be legitimately absent for the following reasons ONLY:

  • Student illness
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Religious holiday
  • Family emergency
  • Circumstances causing reasonable concern to the parent for the student’s health or safety, or
  • Other situations beyond the control of the student, as determined by the principal.

2. ALL Chicago Public Schools are required to contact and inform you of a child’s absence from school, after every absence.

  • This may be done by the automated calling system, a live call from the school, or a combination of the two. The school staff may even follow up an absence with a home visit, at the discretion of the principal.

3. When your child is absent from school, a note briefly explaining the reason that the student was absent is required AFTER EVERY ABSENCE, even if you call the school.

4. If your child has eighteen (18) or more unexcused absences, both you and your child will be summoned to attend a truancy adjudication hearing, at which time a hearing officer will review your child’s attendance record to determine if you and your child should receive sanctions for truancy. These hearings are conducted by the CPS Law Department.

  • Failure to comply could result in your case being forwarded to the Cook County State’s Attorney for a possible court hearing.

5. A student’s attendance is one of the factors reviewed for promotion in the elementary schools.

  • For students in grades 3, 6, and 8 (the CPS Benchmark Grades), if a student has nine (9) or more unexcused absences for the entire school year, he/she must attend summer school.

6. Missed class instructional time caused by cuts in high school are deducted from the minimum of 300 instructional minutes which are daily required for all students.

  • These cuts will cause a student to be charged with a half-day or a full day of absence, depending upon how many total minutes are missed due to cuts on that day.

7. Poor attendance can penalize your child when applying to CPS Selective Enrollment programs.

  • Points for poor attendance are deducted from the student’s overall score, when the application process is being conducted.

Tips for Maintaining Good School Attendance

1. Get a good night’s sleep EVERY NIGHT.

2. Be ready for the day by having all the items that you will need for school on the next day: clothes, books, supplies, etc.

3. Prepare for each day by having a nourishing breakfast.

4. Don’t be tardy. Be prompt in your arrival at school each day. Don’t stop at stores or homes of friends.

5. Be absent for valid reasons only.

6. When returning to school after an absence, be sure to bring a note which explains the absence, which covers each day of the absence, and has been signed by the parent/guardian.

7. Parents/Guardians should communicate with teachers on a regular basis to stay informed about their child’s progress.

8. Remember that every day of school is an important day.