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Have Fun

Studying is important and your homework should come first but playing is also important. Here you'll find some great games that will increase your brainpower while you have fun. 

Be extra careful on game websites though! 

Don't give out any personal information and take extra care when clicking links. There are usually a lot of advertisements on game websites. 

They are trying to sell you things or sell your information to other companies. Be cautious!
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Website NameCategoryNotesGrades
Website NameCategoryNotesGrades
NGA Kids Art Learn about art while making your own at the National Gallery of Art! K - 8 
MET Media Art Learn about art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York 3 - 8 
FunBrain General Lots of fun games along with books and comics to read! K - 8 
Game Classroom General Great games and homework help K - 6 
PBS Kids General Lots of games with your favorite PBS characters K - 4 
KS1 Bitesize General Literacy and Math activities from the BBC K - 2 
PBS Kids GO! General Lots of games and activities with your favorite PBS characters 5 - 8 
Arcademic Skill Builders  General Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies games you play against other people. Are you the best? 1 - 6 
Starfall Language Arts Learn to read at Starfall K - 2 
MAP Reading Games Language Arts Improve your MAP score with these activities 2 - 8 
Khan Academy Math Mr. Johnson's favorite website. Learn math and science and collect the most points! K - 8 
Prodigy Math Math Great math adventure game! K - 8 
Math Playground Math Tons of Math games K - 6 
MAP Math Games Math Improve your MAP score with these activities 2 - 8 
Auditorium Music Create music while solving these challenging puzzles 5 - 8 
National Geographic Kids Science Fun science games from National Geographic K - 8 
Switcheroo Zoo Science Learn about animals and even make your own! K - 4 
Ouverture Facile Science Can you solve the riddles and get to the next level? 6 - 8 
Showing 18 items